Slava is Ukraine’s Goddess of Victory

#SlavaUkraini is our cry which means victory to Ukraine and peace across all nations. Despite our passport nationalities, we are all human and deserve to live freely and safely.

I am a Ukrainian-American artist who lives near Lake Tahoe. It has been devastating to watch my friends, family, and countrymen fight for their lives in Ukraine and not be able to help. Many of you have asked me how you can help, and I have set up relationships with several organizations who are actively supporting Ukraine.

10 years ago, I painted Slava as a part of my “Ukrainian Spirit-Beyond Borders” series of paintings to share and preserve vibrant Ukrainian traditions and rituals that help people grow strong and encourage people to live life fully on Ukrainian land and beyond. The original oil painting is 30” by 40”. I am offering prints of this painting to raise money for Ukraine, and will donate all proceeds to the following trusted and effective organizations and teams:– supporting  families – Medical supplies – Defense needs – Humanitarian aid – Children – psychological and psychosocial support – Frontline supplies between Poland and Ukraine – Humanitarian aid directly to people

How to Support Ukraine

There are two ways you can support Ukraine and receive a print of the Goddess of Victory:

  1. Donate below and I will send the profits directly to these organizations and send you a  print of the Goddess of Victory as a thank you. All proceeds go directly to the above organizations. 

  2. Choose an organization and amount of your preference from the list above and donate to them. Email  a screenshot of your donation and mailing address to me at and I will then send you a card with Slava’s image as a thank you.

Donate $500 – I will send you a 20×27″ Fine Art Print (unframed)

Donate $250 – I will send you a 13×18″ Fine Art Print (unframed)

Donate $100 -I will send you a 11×14” Fine Art Print (unframed)

Donate $50, and I will send you an 8×11” digital image (to use as a screen saver or a desktop  background)


What if I want to make a larger donation?

Please do! People truly need it and every day matters. 

Can I make a smaller donation than the suggested amount?

Absolutely! Donate what you can at the moment. Although I won’t be able to ship you a print, I will be deeply grateful.

What if I want to recommend another organization to add to the list?

I’d love to learn about it! Please send me a link to it and a brief description why it should be included.

Other ways to help:

  • Support Ukraine – Crypto:
  • Ask if your workplace will match your donation to one of the organizations listed above.

  • Spread the word about this fundraiser – share it with friends, family and your workplace

  • Volunteer or Host a Ukrainian Family

  • Offer your skills or talent in your local community: host a yoga, dance , art class  in person or online and donate the proceeds to an organization above.

  • Learn more about how to help Ukraine at:

 Upcoming fundraising  and activities coming up:

March 18, 2022 Sign up and practice for Tahoe’s Peace for Ukraine Yoga Session at Omni 

March 27, 2022 Dance for Ukraine with Julz – cultivate strength and victory for the people of Ukraine.


Whatever you do—big or small—every gesture helps. Diakuyu! (Thank you in Ukrainian)

A BIG Thank you to these sponsors and people who are making this possible: