I am Talia Koval, a classically-trained artist who transforms the magic of life’s sweetest moments into vibrant paintings—live, in the moment. I love people, our planet, and the deep connections that art inspires.
I was born in Ukraine and began drawing about the time I learned to walk. My parents and grandparents nurtured my insatiable thirst for art and gave me every opportunity to cultivate it.

Love is a strong word—but it’s at the heart of who I am and everything I do. Art has been a constant source of beauty, hope and love in my life and I thrill at its ability to elevate and sweeten reality. My love for people, nature, movement, color and light fuels my creative process on every level.

I have made Lake Tahoe my home, and in between traveling nationally and internationally to paint, I renew my spirit and my art out in nature.

I was nine when my family moved to the US, and drawing became my constant companion. It took me back home and to my grandparents, helped me fill the lonely times and became a universal language to cross difficult cultural and linguistic barriers.

Many of my paintings are signed with Nataliya Tyaglo in the lower right corner. Why did I change my name? Ask me sometime—it’s a great story.

If you’re looking for an unusual and amazing wedding experience, a one-of-a-kind heirloom gift or want a surprising, engaging entertainment for your next corporate event, contact me so we can explore the possibilities.