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Live Painting

Live painting, like live music, is an improvised performance that expresses an event’s magic—on canvas, interacting with an audience. While my focus is on the celebration, the setting and the people, everything I see, hear and feel goes into my paintings. I’ve happily spent my life turning the magic of human connection into art that celebrates who we are.

Photographs are everywhere—sometimes it seems that we live through the photos on our phones. Paintings are very different. Rich and deeply human by nature, they have a timeless ability to bring color, light and emotion alive. A live painting is a tactile living creation where brush strokes of pure color are transformed with old-school alchemy into real people before our eyes. This is a rare experience for most people—and not an app or filter in sight.

I use professional grade acrylics for my larger paintings—the soft flow allows me to work quickly and expressively. Since acrylic dries quickly, I can easily make changes, add figures and details to my painting as the day evolves. Acrylic paintings are flexible, vibrant and long-lasting, easy to maintain and can hang anywhere—no glass needed. When I want to create intimate, gestural sketches, I use watercolor—and sometimes ink—on paper.

Live painting is a unique form of visual entertainment. People are surprised by how exciting it is to watch a painting come to life and love interacting and asking questions. Since I begin with a blank canvas and paint on location, in real time, the outcome always has an element of amazement and surprise—both to me and to your guests!

Live painting


Honor your love and relive the champagne excitement of your wedding every day with a beautiful work of art that captures feelings you’ll want to cherish forever. Live painting is a one-of-a-kind gift for newlyweds and a thrilling surprise for guests who watch in amazement as an empty canvas becomes a vibrant painting filled with light, love and emotion.

Live painting

Events that Impress

Add energy, class, and color to your next big event with a live painting experience. Whether you’re planning an elegant gala fundraiser, high-end corporate event or edgy product launch, give guests a thrill as I transform the energy of the day into a vibrant composition of color and emotion.

Live painting


Family stories are spun across time in unforgettable moments both large and small. From the sweet promise of a new baby, to joyful vacations, exotic adventures and exuberant milestone celebrations, live painting will add to the family magic for years to come.

I cannot thank Talia enough for the beauty she brought to our wedding. She was such a pleasure to have, and watching her capture our day and see the painting unfold was incredibly special.

Having live painting at our wedding was the best decision we could have made. Talia was responsive and sweet—her vision, creativity and amazing talent produced a keepsake we will cherish forever.

Talia perfectly captured UVA culture with a live painting of our most famous landmark! The painting constantly get compliments and students continue to talk about it almost a year later.

Throughout the entire event, Talia was painting, interacting with guests, answering their questions, all with a smile. She was truly the highlight of our day, and we are so happy with her painting!

Talia was amazing! It was a joy working with her—I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to add a special and unique twist to their event or occasion.

I can't say enough nice things about her. She is the epitome of professional, talented and personable. Our guests loved her and the original painting she created was just breathtaking.

The creativity and artistry Talia brings to an event are excellent. She is tremendously engaging, charming and encouraging with the guests.

Ready to make the magic of live painting part of your special day?